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PoE-T100 - PoE and DC Inline Tester

PoE-T100 - PoE and DC Inline Tester

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The inline PoE-T100 tester tests 4 port PoE, PoE+, PoE++ & Passive PoE. It can accelerate the installation and resolution of issues related to PoE system equipment by identifying important information such as the PSE type, class, power source, polarity, voltage, current, power, and the configuration of End Span or Midspan Span across all 4 pairs. The device features a two modes. It can act as an end device with a built in 802.3bt PD or a pass-through mode to allow the end units to negotiate power with each other. The device can differentiate between a standard PoE (36 to 57V) and non-standard (11 to 57V) passive PoE. For inline power level monitoring, the bright large OLED screen will display Voltage, Current, Power, Powered Pairs and PSE Protocol capability. The device requires no batteries or external power supplies. It is powered by the connected device.

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